Booking System Instructions

You can use the online portal link or download the app to your phone to make bookings. 

When using the app you will need to enter the code: GYYSB735, this will take you to The Track – Think Smart booking portal. 

Or just click the link and it will take you to the online portal. 

When booking with the track for the first time : You will need to complete a registration form, this needs to be the details of the parent or guardian of any riders ( know in the app as students) who will be attending sessions ( know as classes in the app) at The Track. There are some terms and conditions and policies to read and accept. Once these are completed you will be able to make your booking.

When making a booking your screen will look like this: 

PLEASE NOTE :  You need to add  all the students ( Riders) you want to book in , you need to even add yourself as a student .  The screen below is my listing of students .  Ideally these would be called riders … we have asked for this to be changed .

Once your students are added you can move to Classes , Add Enrollments .  You need to select a student  and then add class (session) selection.  All the session times and ages are listed .  Please select the appropriate one for that student and the date add to cart.  

Do this for each member of your party then select the view cart, see below. 

Then you can checkout and you will be prompted to pay.  

Unfortunately the system isn’t currently saving card details so you will have to re enter every time you book, we are working on this. 

Hopefully at this point you will receive a confirmation email that your booking has been confirmed.  If not give us a quick call 0120921103 and we will check it. 

See you soon.