Birthday Parties

To book a Birthday Party at The Track you need to reserve a table via our Customer Portal ( click here for details on how to install ).

The £20 reservation fee will reserve a table for 10 children or 6 adults for your party outside by the trampoline/play area. This £20 non refundable deposit entitles you to the table reservation for 9-12 OR 1-4, 15 minutes of Health and Safety checks and rules run through and a small slush of choice in a reusable, returnable plastic cup.

You are welcome to bring your own food and cake but we would prefer you to get hot and cold drinks from the cafe. There are also food options available: please email for a quote. Cake can be ordered from our supplier with a weeks notice. 100% chicken tenders or plant based nuggets & chips. See our new menu for 2023.

You need to book and pay for each child individually for the riding session for the party on the same day of your table reservation.

Coaching sessions can also be booked if you would like. Click here for more details.