Birthday Parties and Special Occasions

Come and enjoy our lovely space that we have created for you here at the-track, we have cafe area that sells chocolate, homemade brownies and flapjacks pizza amongst other snacks, as well as various hot and cold drinks which makes it a perfect place for birthday parties and special occasions.

Inside play area for little children as well as a small outside play area for toddlers.

Outside there are plenty of seats for viewing activities a relaxing as well as inside sofas and dinning areas in the cafe.

How it works.

To keep things simple:

  • Pay to ride (stay as long as you like – normal hours apply).
  • Eat at our cafe or bring your own food and cake.
  • Simply enjoy.


  • Non riders are free
  • under 6 years  £3.50
  • 7 – 11 years £7.50
  • 12 years and older £12.50
  • Cleaning inside table charge £20
  • Extra Instruction from £25 per hour


This is recommended for younger riders in the groups, this calms there excitment and provides them with basic skills and confidence in the-track.

We check there bikes aver and get all of the learners to practice making sure they can start and stop safely as well as making sure they can mount and dismount their nikes.

This applies if there are new to the track or just as a confidence booster to get them all started.

Once they have gone through the instruction they usually have greater confidence in their abilities this greatly reduces chance of any mishaps.

Everyone can spectate across all areas of the site and even join in if they wish, as we have hire bikes available at a special rate of £10 per person. (booking may be required)